Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MARCH 2009 Player of the Month!

Shaun Johnson

Player Since:
April 2007
Day Job: Bus Driver
Hometown: Pleasant Grove, UT
Favorite thing about CSz: Having an outlet for my stupid thoughts
When no one is looking you like to: Pretend that the carpet is hot lava and I can't fall off my bed or I'll die.
Biggest Influences:
Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Jackson, my family and many close friends

Best Advice for People Who want to learn improv:
- Be "YOU the improvisor", not somebody else. Everyone has their style and will perform best if they embrace that.

What brought you to Comedysportz?
- I thought the shows were great and I realized that I was just as attention hungry as all the guys doing the shows...

It seems you always shine during the musical improvs. Do you have a background in music, play any instruments?
- Yes, I love music. I play the guitar and I arrange acapella music sometimes. Most of my theater experience is with musicals and I really love a well-improvised song that makes the audience think, "That MUST have been planned!"
Which musical game is your favorite?
- I enjoy most of them. But I really like "Rodgers & Hammer-sing"

People come see you at ComedySportz when they want to be entertained... what do you do to be entertained?
- Well doing Comedy Sportz is quite entertaining for the players, as well. But like most players, I love movies. And just the simple company of good friends.

So, I've seen you play on the red and blue teams but also caught you in the zebra stripes a time or two? Is playing harder or being the referee? Which do you like doing more?
- Both jobs have their challenges. Being a referee gives an interesting perspective on the show and I really enjoy it. But ultimately I enjoy playing more because I like getting involved in the improvs.

Lots of the players here at ComedySportz are also involved in acting and film are you?
- I'm not into the whole film scene so much. I'm just going to school and trying to have a good time while I do it. As much as I would enjoy doing more film acting, it's just not my focus. We all have to follow our own destinies. It just happens that my destiny is Business Marketing with a Spanish minor...I feel depressed now...

Is there anything else you want us to know?
- When I was 4 years old, I was choking on a penny and my dad picked me up by the feet and shook me upside down til I spit it out. I almost died.

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Will said...

I like how he has no right ear in the pic.