Monday, September 17, 2007

BIG SHOT KARAOKE! brought to you by Square Magazine

Our new singing game show BIG SHOT KARAOKE premieres this week! We did a test run of the show last week and it went great! It's going to be a lot fun. (Imagine a cross between "American Idol" and "The Price Is Right" with a ComedySportz twist.)
You're probably wondering how the show works. It's simple:

1. If you're in a singin' mood, you'll be handed a numbered ping pong ball and a request form. Browse through the song catalog.

2. When you know what song you want to sing, write your name, song title/number, and the number on your ping pong ball on your request form.

3. Drop your ping pong ball in the BIG SHOT! Bucket.
4. Singers will be randomly chosen from the BIG SHOT Bucket to perform.
5. If you're chosen to sing, get up on stage and show us what you've got!
(Due to time constraints, or if you're boring, songs may be cut short.)
6. You then will be judged by our panel of music experts who will give you feedback. (This is where it might get a little scary...for you!)
7. Near the end of the night the judges will select two of the performers to compete in a final round. The finalists will then sing another song each. The audience will then decide who is the Big Shot for the night! (There will be prizes for the two finalists. Of course, the Big Shot's prize will be slightly cooler than the runner-up. We're just saying.)
8. The night's Big Shot will be invited back to our Final Show of the season on November 15. All past winners will compete to become the Biggest Big Shot!
If you come to the show and you don't get chosen to perform, you still have a chance to win a prize: we'll have a drawing near the end of the show for something nifty.
So come and have fun with us on Thursdays at 9. Admission's only $5--that's cheaper than a movie ($8) , Arby's 5 for $5.95 deal, or a Kia Sorento ($20,650).
If you have any questions about BIG SHOT KARAOKE, contact the ComedySportz Office: 801.377.9700 or