Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Joey Scoma

Player Since: 2008

Day Job: Provo City

Favorite thing about CSz:

When no one is looking you like to:

Biggest Influences:

Best Advice for People who want to learn improv: I took the beginner workshop that fall and worked my way into the player practices. I've been performing at ComedySportz Provo for 2 years this November!

What brought you to Comedysportz? In summer 2007, I attended a Yellow # 2 show with a lovely young lady named TeAnna and I fell in love...with ComedySportz

Do you have a background in music, play any instruments? I don't have any musical training but love musical improv especially Rogers and Hammersing.

Which musical game is your favorite? Rogers and Hammersing.

People come see you at ComedySportz when they want to be entertained... what do you do to be entertained? The only thing that's more entertaining to me than ComedySportz Provo is a casual conversation with my siblings. They're all a bunch of pants-peeing crack-ups.

Lots of the players here at ComedySportz are also involved in acting and film are you? There have been a couple opportunities to perform in community theater (A Flickering), a short film festival (When We're Helping We're Happy) and for the LDS Church YouTube ad (Becoming Provident Providers).

When was your first inkling that you were funny? The first time I made a captive audience laugh was in kindergarten for parent's-night. I added a few extra 'you's to the end of "Skinny Marinky Dinky Dink" and the crowd went wild. In 5th grade I started doing stand-up behind the portable class rooms during recess. Word caught on and soon the entire school was sitting at my feet. I didn't know half the references I used and neither did my audience by they all laughed anyway. I did impersonations of Bill Clinton and I even had to deal with hecklers (like John Michael Harris). The recess ladies worked as crowd control. Now I'm in ComedySportz!

Have you ever been scared on stage? I felt stage fright before every show for a year.

Is there anything else you want us to know?

It is such a huge honor to perform with my fellow players. I'm funnier today because of them.