Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First Feast Photos 2008

Take a look at these photos of some of our gifted actletes who played early pioneers at Thanksgiving Point's First Feast event.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

CSz Players on Fox Utah

Joel and Scott, two of CSz Utah's finest actletes, were featured characters on Good Day Utah. Eating and chatting with Big Budah, Govenor William Bradford (Joel) and Myles Standish (Scott) discussed cuisine and habits of early pioneers at the First Feast (the event Thanksgiving is based upon).
Check out their video here:
(sixth and seventh video on the side bar)

Or see them at the Thanksgiving Point First Feast on November 21st, 22nd, or 23rd:
Get tickets and all the info at http://www.thanksgivingpoint.com/

Have a fun and Happy Thanksgiving, from ComedySportz Utah!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween Report 2008!

On October 24th and 25th, hundreds of people, many in costume, came to our annual Halloween shows. Witches, wizards, Mickey n Miny Mouse, a waitress, a 'leaf blower' and more crowded the stage as prizes and awards were given to the person/pair that dressed the best.
Our performers had a blast and we'd like to thank everyone who attended.
Until next year, keep a hauntin' Utah!

Monday, November 3, 2008

November Player(s) of the Month: Tom and Tanya Quinn

Tom and Tanya Quinn are one of the many couples that play together at ComedySportz. They live together in Heber, Utah and have been doing improv comedy for a combined total of 11 years! We sat down with them for a minute and asked some emotionally sundering questions.

Player Since: March 2001
Day Job: Ferrier (horse shoer)
Hometown: Heber City, Utah
Favorite thing about CSz: the Sat. 12:00 a.m. show
When no one is looking you like to: start fights with smaller, weaker guys and kick them between the legs when they’re not looking either.
Biggest Influences: the little devil and little angel on my shoulder
Best Advice for People Who want to learn improv: While performing, never admit mistakes. After the show, fess up and learn from all of them.
Player Since: 2004
Day Job: Cook
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
Fav thing about CSz: The audience; I love performing when people are there.
Who is your hero/heroine? Dorothy Gale. She went all the way over that rainbow.
Where would you like to vacation and why? Yosemite, every time.
How did you get involved with improv?
I have always loved the stage. When I was little I would stand up on the fireplace and demand the room’s attention. My goal was to command it, but I would settle for demanding. I never grew out of it. I performed with a high school improv troop and then began a theatre degree.
You left CSz Utah for a while, what's the story behind that?
We moved to Jackson Hole for a year to work on the river and to start an improv club of our own.
What scares you about performing?
What if, while in the middle of a really funny scene, I get a paper cut and the vampires in the audience all attack me?
Is there a difference between Provo crowds and other audiences you've performed for?
They all look the same in the dark. I don’t like to look at the audience during a show, I have nervous bladder syndrome.
What is your favorite game and why?
Patty Cake, because everybody wins.
Name an embarrassing moment you had at CSz.
I once demanded that a man in the back of the room stand up and be recognized as one of the judges. He refused, and when I said that he must, several people in the audience let me know that the man was in a wheel chair.
Women+Improv Comedy=What?
What's it like performing with so much family: Pat, Ben, and each other?
It’s like our family reunion every time. There’s the awkwardness as we try to catch up; food, a lot of food; and Ben always ends up with his shirt off rubbing his belly.
What is an area you wished you were better in--improv wise (gibberish, guessing, singing)?
Makin’ stuff up.
When did you guys meet? Whats your love story, in essence?
I met Tanya while looking for a different girl at an apartment complex. Ever since that night we’ve been emotionally married, technically married too, but we don’t put too much weight on out-dated conventions like marriage or women’s rights.