Wednesday, July 21, 2010

August Player of the Month

Player Since: Summer 2008
Day Job: 6th grade school teacher
Hometown: Orem, Utah

Favorite thing about CSz: It’s a different performance and experience every time you play

When no one is looking you like to: hit kittens

Biggest Influences: my wife and kids—they keep me going in everything I do. Oh, and Leonardo Dicaprio.

Best Advice for People who want to learn improv: Do not be afraid to fail in what you try and do. Go with what is natural and don’t try to bring the funny. The only time I am funny is when I am not thinking I am.

What prior stage/performing experience did you have before joining ComedySportz: Totally name dropping here, but I am a member of the Hale family and I have been on the stage since I could talk. At first it was required of all the grandkids, but eventually I learned to love it and I have been on stage ever since. I also teach the youth theater workshops at Hale Center Theater Orem.

What brought you to Comedysportz? I have been a long time friend of Curt Doussett and he convinced me to give it a try. I love him and hate him for it.

It seems you always shine during the musical improvs. Do you have a background in music, play any instruments? I shine in the music? That’s sweet—a lie, but still sweet. I was in an A cappella group in high school called “Men Without Pants.” We would perform in assemblies wearing tuxedo tops and boxer shorts. Not that manly of a memory.

Which musical game is your favorite? I love “Rosetta Song” because I can sing in gibberish. It covers up my suck.

People come see you at ComedySportz when they want to be entertained... what do you do to be entertained? I love reading a good book—young adult novels are my favorite (minus Twilight of course) and getting lost in a good movie. Just saw “Inception” and my mind still hurts. I love doing anything with my kids—they are always entertaining.

So, I've seen you play on the red and blue teams but also caught you in the zebra stripes a time or two? Yes, that is correct. Thank you for pointing that out.

Lots of the players here at ComedySportz are also involved in acting and film are you? As I mentioned before, I live at the Hale but also dabble in film here and there. I had small parts in “The R.M.,” “The Home Teachers,” and my claim to fame “The Buttercream Gang” as Gang Member Number 2.

When was your first inkling that you were funny? Still waiting for it.

Have you ever been scared on stage? Every time I perform. I think when you lose that fear you lose the rush of why you are doing it.

Is there anything else you want us to know? Yes.