Thursday, September 4, 2008

September Player of the Month: Mark Berrett!

After a summer hiatus, the Player of the Month Feature has returned with a CSz classic, Mark Berrett. Growing up in Orem and joining Comedysportz in 2001, Mark Berrett can uproar crowds with his simple observations and solemn characters. We asked him a few questions about his Improv life.

Do you have a history with performing arts? If yes, what makes improv different from most theater?
I haven't done a lot of performing other than improv, but I would say it's the amount of "writing" that is done by the performer at the time of the performance. Also, improv has so many moments that are created just for you and the audience that is present that night, and then they're gone.

When did you first fall in love with improv?
During my first improv with Randy Tayler at the audition for the Garrens. And I fell in love with Randy, too, in a manly sort of way.

What brought you to Comedysportz?
Many of my friends were already performing at ComedySportz. And it's all about friends, people. All about friends. Don't forget that. Write it down.

You have said before that another reason you came to Comedysprotz was its long-form show, the Yellow # 2 Show. Is there a big difference between long-form improv and short-form improv (such as our regular Comedysportz shows)?
I wouldn't say there's a BIG difference, but they feel different, like wool and cotton. Long-form is wool. Wool comes from a sheep. Cotton is a plant. But you can wear them both. I once heard someone say long-form comes from the gut. It's true. And from sheep. Long-form also requires me to remember more stuff. But really our long-form show also has some short-form that just doesn't fit in the ComedySportz format, so I like to call it our experimental show. We do it on Thursdays. At 8:00. Only $4 bucks.

What was an embarrassing Comedysportz moment?
One time I forgot my lines. Ooops.

Any advice for our readers?
Take a ComedySportz player to lunch. Also, lose yourself in the service of others.