Tuesday, December 2, 2008

ComedySportz LA vs Provo

November 21st and 22nd marked a day in CSz Utah history.
Three performers from ComedySportz LA challenged Provo to a comedy battle that couldn't be refused.
D, Myles, and Andre (left to right red-LA) took on
Mark Berrett, Jeff Blake, and Matt Mattson
(left to right blue) Friday night
and Mike Bailey, Will Rubio, and Jake Van Wagoner on Saturday night.
From their foriegn games like Triple Feature, and Timeline, to our signatures such as Boo-Yea!, and Hey Baby, both nights were filled with laughs and holly geez moments that only a group from LA could deliver.
We are deeply honored to have such talented people visit the valley.
Until next time LA, keep on entertaining and
may the improv be with you.

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